Dream Kit + Lil’ hands = Big Ideas

Curious questions and creative ideas! Young mind and little hands! A bottle of paint, cardboard and Dream Kit… when combined together brings dreams to reality.

Dancing Pumpkin

3 Wheeler

Ball Launcher

Buzzing Bat

Table Calling Bell

Spooky Light

Cabel Car

Obstacle avoider

Light Follower

Blind Stick

DIY Bubble Maker Machine

Burglar Buzzer

Welcome Cat

Spin Art Machine

Crawling Turtle

Keep Out

Hand Washing Timer

Drawer Throwing Arm

Cookie Saviour

Angle Tutor

Light Tracker


Touchless Door Bell

Dancing bot

Snow Man

Bubble Maker Machine

DIY RC Robot

DIY Light Follower

Crawling Monster

Flapping Bird

Hypnotizing Wheel

Snow Man

Waste Segregation


Dancing Art Bot

Obstacle Avoider Bot